Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Rebel Shooting Going on in Shamshadabad

Prabhas Rebel

Young Rebel Star Prabhas Latest upcoming flick Rebel is currently shooting is going on at Shamshadabad in temple. The shooting is in the last node and some vital scenes are being shot in this schedule. The entire shooting will get completes with this part.

Ninnu Chusthe Love Cheshta Movie Stills

Love Journey Set To Release on March 9th

Love Journey
Journey Fame actor Jai latest flick ‘Love Journey’ is set to release on March 9th. It is dubbed movie of Tamil ‘Kanimoli’ Starring Color’s Swathi and Shajan Padamsi as heroines.

Gabber Singh Movie Trailer And Dialogues

Gabber Singh Trailer
Gabber Singh Dialogues

Teja's Neku Naku Dash Dash Movie Trailer


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