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Love Failure Review

The movie story mainly deals with the love life of Arun (Siddharth) and Parvathi (Amala Paul), who gets separated due to some ego clashes. Here the handsome guy Arun who is an engineering student narrates his entire love story and Breakup’s with his lover. Later after witnessing the love life of his friends, Arun comes to know that he is missing Amala Paul very much. How Arun and Parvathi finally unite forms the rest of the story.


Love Failure is a fresh concept that dealt by director with appealing presentation. One can cherish their college days and sweet memories after watching the movie. Director Balaji Mohan has taken a difficult task in his debut movie itself, he was excelled in all departments. The movie has a cute and romantic love story that connects with the audience, especially lovers and youth. 


Siddharth is amazing and the character is a cake walk for him. He has shown some refreshing change in his character while Amala Paul is simply superb with natural expressions. Suresh, Surekha Vani and gang of Siddharth are good in their parts. All the newcomers have done an excellent job, especially the pair who played as parents of lead actor are amazing.


Music scored by Thaman is fine; especially the background score is impressive. Cinematography is topnotch, while Editing is crispy. Dialogues are neat and production values are rich. Director Balaji Mohan succeeded in choosing a good script and he has executed it very well. He blindly followed the story and doesn’t bother about the commercial elements.

Final Word:

Love Failure surely impresses the target audience and audience who likes masala films may not like it. The movie is recommended to watch, at least once.

Points: 3.5/5


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