Thursday, 8 March 2012

‘Kolveri Di’ In Pawan Kalyan Movie

Pawan & Anirudh

Power Star Pawan Kalyan always stands for some specialty. Recently, the music director who got fame with the Kolveri Di song, Anirudh Ravinder has got accepted by Pawan to direct music for his next flick.

Shruthi Hasan who is acting as actress in Gabber Singh and also the heroine of movie 3 has introduced this young music director to Pawan. Anirudh was appreciated by Pawan and said him that he will make a movie with him. Pawan is known is encouraging new talent. Anirudh has said that he is very glad to get the chance with Pawan.

Pawan is currently busy with Gabber Singh and next after this flick he will do flick with Puri Jagannath. The name of the movie with Anirudh has not yet confirmed.


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