Monday, 13 February 2012

Did SS Thaman Kicked Out Devi Sri?

Devi Sri And Thaman
There was a time when Devi Sri Prasad was considered the hot property for any filmmakers. Today, he got camouflaged by new waves. It is known that his place has been taken by one man. He is S S Thaman.

Apparently, Thaman is beating non-stop tunes for many films. Some say, “After DSP, Thaman is the chosen one. He has been churning out chartbusters and there is a strong energy in the songs. He has captured the market and gives a competitive pricing to the producers. People have forgotten Devisri Prasad now.”

In fact, the fast delivery of work with almost half of remuneration of what DSP takes made Thaman fly high in his career. Moreover his rapport with heroes like Ravi Teja, Mahesh Babu and others kept him on the first choice of big films.

However, there is another group which is not so pro towards Thaman. They say “The biggest complaint with Thaman is his lack of versatility in music. His dependency on auto tuners is killing the beauty of voices with monotonous feel. Most of his compositions eat away the words and the tune is loud. If he can control that he will reach the ivy league.” There is another group which says “Throwing stones at a growing person is natural but such feedbacks also have a point that one should bear in mind.”


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