Wednesday, 15 February 2012

SP Balu is coming as a Director

SP Balu

SP Balasubramanyam  a famous Singer and Music Director is going to handle a megaphone very soon. He  had spoked to media in an event happened earlier that ’I am very happy and satisfied as a music director, singer and actor in my 40 years career but my dream
of directing a film still remained and now I want to make it happen very soon in no delay’

He also said that he is always open in learning more and more about music and singing and in a lighter note he said that he would stop singing in the case that audience are not willing to bare his voice no more.

Buzz about that film is that, his film may be based on music and its importance. SP Charan the son of SP Bala Subrahmanyam  is a producer in Tamilnadu and there is a confusion that who is going to produce this flick. SP Balu is presently acting in his upcoming film ‘Gopuram’.


  1. Oh..lovely blog, i am very big fan of 'SPB'.is melodies and mostly devotional song are very awesome...thanks for the info





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